Thrasher Golf

Picker Disc Set Drum

$ 310.00

Picker Disc Set Drum

We offer a variety of replacement disc sets (drums) for most pickers on the market (even if it is not a Derone or Thrasher Golf picker).  If your picker uses a  12" disc we can generally provide a replacement disc set (drum), using our thermoplastic alloy discs.

Use the Picker Replacement Drum Identifier Tool

We can supply replacement picker disc sets (drums) for the following:

  • Wittek Ball Hawk Picker
  • Wittek Range Rover Picker
  • Wittek SL90 Picker
  • Easy Picker 3 Gang Picker
  • Easy Picker 5 Gang Picker
  • Western Range Mate Picker
  • Hollrock Staggered Picker
  • Hollrock Commercial Staggered E Series Picker
  • Eagle One Range Mate
  • Eagle One Range Rover
  • Derone/Thrasher Golf Innovator Picker
  • Derone/Thrasher Golf Innovator Plus Picker

Before you place your order, it is important to research which picker you have to be sure the replacement drum is correctly sized.  To do this be sure to count the number of discs on each section before making your purchase.  Then select the replacement drum you need using the grey-colored drop-down menu above.  If you need any assistance with identifying the correct replacement drum, give us a call - we can walk you through it! (800) 571-6143.

 *Color pictured may vary based on supply.