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The Thrasher Family has a long history in the golf industry.

Derral Thrasher returned home after serving his country in Vietnam and needed a way to support his family.  He collaborated with his brother-in-law Merle (a fellow Veteran) to develop a golf ball recovery business called Pearl Divers.  The family would clear ponds and lakes of stray golf balls; then clean and stripe the balls to sell them back to the courses as range balls.  As the business grew, Derone (Derral's older brother) and Destry (Derral's son) joined the company.  The picture below is Destry (Thrasher Golf owner) at the age of two, sitting on the golf ball drying rack, nearly 50 years ago.

Derone developed a vision to clean the recovered golf balls more efficiently and developed a commercial ball washer to improve production, now called the Twister 1 Ball Washer.  After proven success, Derone later founded his own company in 1980, called Derone Enterprises, which manufactured the Twister 1 Ball Washer and other range equipment.

One of the company's many claims to fame is the Innovator Picker, which stars in every golf-enthusiasts favorite movie, Tin Cup. 

After Derral retired from the golf ball recovery business, Derone continued the family tradition, and employed his nephew, Destry.  Over the years, Derone Enterprises has developed a line of range products that are designed both simply and smart.  The same designs have been used over the last 35 years and modified over time into what they are today, based on customer feedback.

Derone Thrasher retired in 2014 after 35 years in the industry, and his designs remain in production today.  Derone passed the business to the next generation, his oldest nephew, Destry.  A veteran in the industry himself, Destry has 30 years of experience in the industry, working in golf ball recovery (10 years) and in the range equipment business for 20 years.   Joined by his wife, Melissa, the family business was renamed Thrasher Golf in 2015 to honor all of the Thrashers that contributed to the company's history.  The newest Thrashers in the golf industry will uphold their family name and tradition, known for our long-lasting and high-quality products, and phenomenal customer service. 

Destry and Melissa are very proud to spend their days serving the golf industry; and if they are not answering the phones at the shop - there's a good chance they are out on the course!

Destry and Melissa are also advocates for the game of golf and believe in the importance of creating a new generation of golfers, therefore they are very proud to donate to The First Tee of the Central Valley.  
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