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Innovator Plus Picker by Thrasher Golf

Golf Ball Pickers

Thrasher Golf Ball Pickers are made of electroplated steel in the USA.  Each comes with plastic baskets and a 4-piece bolted main frame.

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Golf Ball Washers

Thrasher Golf Ball Washers are made of galvanized steel in the USA.  With 4 different models to choose from to fit any golf course or range need.

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Driving Range Accessories

Thrasher Golf offers a variety of golf range accessories, including mats, range pails, tees, yardage markers, etc.

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Featured Products

Twister 1 Golf Ball Washer by Thrasher Golf

Twister 1 Golf Ball Washer

The Twister® Golf Ball Washer is the workhorse of the golf industry! And one of the most affordable golf ball washers on the market. 1/3 hp motor, belt driven - simple design and works like a champ!

Innovator Plus Picker by Thrasher Golf

Innovator Plus Picker

The Innovator® Plus Golf Ball Picker cuts picking time by 1/3! This monster of a picker will cover the same area as a 5-section with only 3 sections, and it weighs less than a 5-section picker. It is 15-feet wide; made in the USA of electroplated steel.

Twister 4 Golf Ball Washer by Thrasher Golf

Twister 4 Golf Ball Washer

A Twister® Golf Ball Washer and Elevator in One machine! Our patented design will clean golf balls and load a dispenser (or ball machine) after the wash cycle.


"The Thrasher Picker is 4x more efficient and has dramatically sped up the process. Losing the front wheel allows us to pick up balls from even those hard-to-reach spaces. The reverse feature is a real game-changer! The outside services team loves it. Had I known how much money we could be saving on labor - I would have replaced the old picker earlier. Highly recommend the Thrasher unit to anyone looking for a new picker."

– -David Childers, VP Course Operations, Rivers Edge Golf Course, Bend, OR

"Our family owned & operated golf courses have used Thrasher Golf for over 25 years. They provide a fast, competitive, and friendly service. They have treated us as family and have earned our business & loyalty. For a quick, fair, and personalized business relationship, I highly recommend going with Thrasher. You won't regret it!"

– Cole Gibson, PGA Professional; Coldwater Golf Club, AZ

"The main benefit of doing business with Thrasher Golf is they stand behind their products!".

– Bobby Carnes, Owner, The Range, Lubbock, TX

"In 1993 I opened Home on the Range and purchased a Twister 1 Ball Washer and Thrasher Picker. After 23 years, we still use our original Twister and Thrasher Picker everyday."

– Phil Green, Owner; Home on the Range, Newcastle, CA

"The Thrasher Golf team has been very helpful and courteous with information for any of our driving range needs. Usually ship the same day too!"

– Glen Johnson, Range Manager, Haggin Oaks; Sacramento, CA

Innovator Picker Turning Around

Both Innovator® Pickers by Thrasher Golf can turn around and pick in reverse! Here's an instructional video on how to reverse the Innovator Golf Range Picker. (Please note: This is an OLD picker).

Innovator® Picker Turning Around

Our Promise to You

Thrasher Golf - 1 Year Warranty

1-Year Warranty

Thrasher Golf offers a 1-Year Warranty on every piece of Range Equipment we sell.

Thrasher Golf's Original Stamp

Thrasher Golf's Products are Original

There are many knock-off products in the industry.  You can trust that Thrasher Golf is the original designer, we have the patents & trademarks to prove it!

Thrasher Golf Made in the U.S.A.

Made in the U.S.A.

Thrasher Golf's products are proudly made in the U.S.A. using American steel, American motors, American parts!

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The Thrasher Family Name

No other Range Equipment company will put their family name on their business.  We will stand behind our products, because the integrity of our name means something to us.

-Destry & Melissa Thrasher

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