Thrasher Golf


Check out these videos of our products.  Occasionally, we'll post tutorials on how to work on our Innovator Pickers and Twister Ball Washers.

Here's a video Twister 1 Golf Ball Washer Maintenance.  It's a full tutorial that will walk you through how to change the brush & shaft, replace bearings, replace pulleys, tighten the motor & belt.


Over time, the factory settings on the Twister 1 Golf Ball Washer will no longer be at their "default" and you may find that golf balls drop into the tank or jam.  Here's a troubleshooting video to help get the Twister 1 Golf Ball Washer back to its original factory settings. 


 Thrasher Golf® is the exclusive manufacturer of Innovator® Golf Ball Pickers.

Here is a video that reviews the features of the Innovator® Pickers.

Here's an instructional video on how to turn around and pick in reverse with your Innovator Picker by Thrasher Golf.



Here's a video about the Innovator Plus Picker.  Skip ahead in the video to the 3:00 minute mark to learn suggested maintenance tips, and video on how to adjust the axle brackets and ball combs.

Here's a video of the Innovator Picker by Thrasher Golf in action.  Watch as it can maneuver & pick backwards, without tangling the gangs.


Thrasher Golf was featured with Club+Resort Business at the PGA Merchandise Show.


Each of our Twister Ball Washers are product tested before shipping.  Here's a product test of the Twister 3 Ball Washer with Shanx (our dog) helping out...wait for it!

 Here's a video of the Twister 4 Golf Ball Washer by Thrasher Golf.

Here's a video we found online of a golf course using the Twister 4 Golf Ball Washer to load their dispenser.