Thrasher Golf

Innovator Golf Ball Picker

$ 4,100.00

The Innovator Golf Ball Picker by Thrasher Golf, is designed to be a durable golf ball range picker that is easy to maintain...notice there is no front wheel!  The Innovator Golf Ball Picker, made by Thrasher Golf, is proudly made in the U.S.A, out of 1"x3" electroplated steel, this golf ball range picker is designed for years of reliable service. 

It was designed over 35 years ago and has been improved upon over the years, based on customer feedback.

  • Capacity: 1,800 Balls
  • Weight: 355lbs.
  • Width: 9 ft. Wide (as a 3-Section); 15 ft. Wide (as a 5-Section)

Features Include:

  • Rounded Corner Sections
  • 4-Piece Bolted Electroplated Steel Frame
  • Widest Sections in the Industry
  • Adjustable Parts to Prolong Use-Life of Picker Discs
  • Picker Baskets included!

*Color pictured may vary based on supply.