Thrasher Golf

Plastic Picker Basket

$ 59.00

The Thrasher Golf® Plastic Picker Basket fits multiple pickers on the market and comes with molded handles.  The basket fits both the standard Innovator® and the Innovator® Plus picker, as well as others.   It is lighter weight than the metal baskets with greater durability. They hold ~300 balls per basket.  Customers who have switched to the plastic baskets absolutely love much so that we now only carry plastic picker baskets. 

It will also fit other pickers on the market, give us a call to find out which ones. If you're unsure - but your basket looks similar - then it will fit!  (800) 571-6143

The basket measures 19.5" wide x 11.5" tall (in the back) x 11.5" deep (not including an additional overhanging lip in front).