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Behind the Scenes Tour of The PGA Merchandise Show with Thrasher Golf

PGA Merchandise Show Insider Look
Behind the Scenes at the PGA Merchandise Show

Take a picture-tour...a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on days before the PGA Show.


(This was created back in 2019 - and re-posted- so some exhibitors and info is dated)

PGA Show Set Up Thrasher Golf

  • Only 2-Weeks left before the 2019 PGA Show opens in Orlando Florida - anticipation is growing - and behind the scenes - in just a few days time, the Orange County Convention Center will be making a dramatic transformation.

    Here's an insider's look at just what all happens to make the PGA Show come to life!

    About a month before the Show - exhibitors ship their products in crates to the convention center. The crates are stored offsite and then shipped to the Convention Center just days before the show. Look at how deep the crates are stacked.

  • Thrasher Golf Booth Space at the PGA Merchandise Show
  • Exhibitors arrive 4 days before the event to start setting up. When you arrive, your crates are staged at your booth (i.e. - a square piece of tape on a concrete slab - with your booth number). The yellow circle shows the Thrasher Golf booth & you can see crates ready to be unpacked.
  • PGA Show Floor PGA Merchandise Show
  • The "Big Boys" have a couple extra days to get their stuff set up...but I guess when you bring in a video screen in the shape of an airplane - and suspend it from the should get a couple extra days (they did this in 2016).
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    It's a big production; here's a picture of just how many booths there are - and the yellow dot shows the Thrasher Golf booth (in the grand scheme of things).

    The transformations the booths take are incredible - and there's so much that goes into each both - from flooring, building walls (for some), product placement, lighting, hanging signs, etc.

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    One of the craziest & coolest transformations happens the night before the show. During set-up all of the concrete is exposed (except for those that ordered carpet in their booth). Overnight - these awesome "carpet elves" come in and lay carpet down throughout the walkways. Notice the picture above has concrete on the left and the picture on the right has white aisle carpet.

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    Did you know that different sections of the show are differentiated by different carpet colors? Typically, apparel has white carpet, equipment has blue carpet. New product zone is grey.

  • Here's a time-lapse of the apparel side; you can see the white carpet appear on the day of the show.

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    Once the booths are built - all the product has to be shelved and staged - this is a VERY CRAZY DAY - there are crates & plastic wrap strewn everywhere throughout the aisles!

    Booths with hanging signs have to construct their sign and make a special request to the event staff to have it hung. The team that hung our sign walked the catwalk above the convention center - rumor has it - some of them used to be tightrope walkers with circus shows!

    The carpet elves I mentioned above also remove plastic overnight. When you order carpet - it's a little weird - you set your booth up over the plastic and then you return the day of the show and your carpet is exposed, and there's carpet in the aisles! The plastic prevents the carpet from getting dirty during set-up.

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  • Thrasher Golf is very excited for the 2022 PGA Merchandise Show.

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